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Our Aim

At HMD Wills, we believe that estate planning is an expression of love and a gift to your future generations. We are dedicated to transforming the process into a cherished experience, combining legal expertise with a touch of compassion. Welcome to a new era of estate planning, where every word matters, and every detail is a gesture of love.”

How Does It Work?

Three easy steps to write your will with HMD

Answer simple questions

We’ll just ask you about your wishes, with no legal jargon. It takes just 15 minutes to make a will online with us.


Our experts check your will

Every will made on HMD is checked by our legal experts. We’ll let you know within 3 days if any tweaks are needed.


Sign - You're done

Sign your will with witness to make it legally binding, Come back and update it any time.


Why a

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is important

It is important to make a will because if you pass away without making one, specific rules apply to your estate, meaning that your possessions and money may not be distributed to the people and causes you care about how you would have wished.

What We Offer

To ensure the lasting protection of your legacy, we encase your documents in waterproof envelopes, safeguarding them against the passage of time and unforeseen events. Our commitment is not only to the precision of the law but also to the artistry of your intentions.

When you receive your package from HMD, you’re not just holding a will; you’re embracing a piece of your history, beautifully preserved. It’s our way of ensuring that your legacy is not only written with love but delivered with the same level of care and quality. Because your story deserves nothing less.


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Before you start the will writing process you should have the name and address of anyone you intend to name in the document. Postcodes are useful too, but not essential. You will be sent a link by email in case you need to come back at a later date to complete the will.

The major problem with Joint Wills is that the surviving person cannot change the Will after the first person dies. HMD Will does not provide Joint Wills however, HMD does allow two people to make “Mirror” Wills.

Our wills are fully legal in England and Wales, but the situation becomes more complicated if you are resident abroad, or own property overseas.

Different countries deal with inheritance law differently and you should consult an expert on local law in the country in which you live.

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